Rigister Card Resistor Card
330R(A331J)9P Resistor
Inductor 0510 (1W) 1MH
Inductor 0510 (1W) 2.2MH
Inductor 0510 (1W) 3.3MH
Inductor 0510 (1W) 4.7MH
Inductor 0510 (1W) 10MH
200 ohm resister 1/6W
10K ohm resister 1/6W
10K Ohm 1/4W Axial-lead Resistor
1K Ohm 1/4W Axial-lead Resistor
7D270K 27V 7K270 Varistor 1000/bag
Varistor 07D270K 7K270D 1000pcs/Bag
A09-102J 1K 9A102G 9 Pins 200pcs/Bag
A472J 9pins 9A472G Resistor
  • LM338K
  • US$0.75
  • SKU:12C146
  • 615:v
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