Spiral cable Wrapping 6-8mm
Spiral cable Wrapping 10-12mm
Silastic Tube Temperature 4x6
HEATSRK1 1mm 200M/Reel
HEATSRK1D5 1.5mm 200M/Reel
HEATSRK2 2mm 200M/Reel
HEATSRK2D5 2.5mm 200M/Reel
HEATSRK3 3mm 200M/Reel
HEATSRK4 4mm 200M/Reel
HEATSRK5 5mm 100M/Reel
HEATSRK6 6mm 100M/Reel
HEATSRK7 7mm 100M/Reel
HEATSRK8 8mm 100M/Reel
HEATSRK9 9mm 100M/Reel
HEATSRK10 10mm 100M/Reel
HEATSRK12 12mm 100M/Reel
HEATSRK14 14mm 100M/Reel
HEATSRK16 16mm 100M/Reel
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