CC1nF/3 kV (7.5mm)
MPX4115A air pressure sensor
47pf 50V Monolithic capacitor
CBB 103J 400V
Trimmer capacitor 40pf
35V220UF 8*12 500/Bag
50V 47UF 6*12mm 1000/Bag
25V 10UF 4*7mm 1000pcs/Bag
25V100UF 6*7mm 1000pcs/Bag
16V220UF 6*11 1000/Bag
16V470UF 8*12 500/Bag
50V100UF 8*12mm 500/Bag
25V 470UF 8*12mm 105℃ 500/Bag
50V 10uf 4x7 1000pcs/Bag
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